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Legit/Authentic/Real Jordans VS Fake Jordans


-- How To Tell Difference Between Fake & Legit/Authentic/Real Air Jordans?

In partnership with Michael Jordan, Nike's JB has been producing the legit branded Air Jordan sneakers since the 80s. However, considering how popular Air Jordans have been and still are; foreign factories have often counterfeited them as fake jordans. So, if you want to find out whether an Air Jordan sneaker is fake or legit, do the following before buying it.


General Rules

• Air Jordan sneakers with horrible stitching are likely fake jordans.

• The materials on the sneakers should resemble the materials that Jordan Brand uses on their genuine jordans.

• Fake jordans always have a horrible shape, which does not resemble the shape of the authentic pair.

• The colorway should have actually been released by Jordan Brand. As a sneakerhead, you should stay up to date about on official Air Jordan colorways.

• Websites where every Jordans ever made is being sold in full size runs under retail prices are always selling 100% fake Jordans.

• In most cases, websites with a fake-looking layout are most likely selling fake Jordans.

• Websites with not feedback at all are likely a scam.

• Pay attention to the box.
The colorways on the sneakers and the tag on the box should be right. Air Jordan sneakers with colorways that are not quite right are obviously fake jordans since counterfeit authentic sellers are never able to get the colorways right.


Jordan 1.

• Nike Air is featured on the tongue of legit Air Jordan 1 sneakers from 1994 and the “Banned” colorways of the model from 2010. Apart from the legit 2013 Air Jordan releases, fake Jordans will not feature Nike Air.

• The toe of legit Air Jordan I sneakers gradually slopes down until it is sleek at the end, while fake ones have a blocky toe box.


Air Jordan 1 


Legit vs Fake


Jordan 3.

• Legit Air Jordan 3 sneakers do not have a flat, printed on elephant print; rather it can be felt and seen.

• The elephant print should be the correct cut and shape, i.e. taking up approximately half the height of the sneaker, excluding the sole.

• The leather along the top of the sneaker should be perforated correctly, depending on the model of the year, as seen in official pictures.

• Fake Air Jordan 3s often come with a metal Jumpan hanging from a keychain since this only came with Air Jordan 1 pairs.


Jordan 4.

• Even though Air Jordan 4 is a low top model, the tongue should be going up very high and even stretching back well into the sneaker.

• Unless the Air Jordan 4 pair being purchased is from 1999 or before that, then the netting should be narrow rather than huge.

• The mesh or netting should be straight, or somewhat straight, rather than crooked.

• The Jumpman on fake Air Jordan sneakers is never replicated correctly, so it looks horrible and this is very easy to spot.

• Factories where fake Air Jordan 4s are made are never able to replicate the cement print properly, so it looks horrible as well.

• Other than the “Chrome,” “Columbia” and “Oreo” colorways, legit Air Jordan 4s never feature perforated leather in place of the mesh.


Jordan 5.

• If an Air Jordan 5 sneaker is a fake, the tongue will not come past the rest of the sneaker.

• Legit Air Jordan 5 pairs are always made of the right material. For instance, if their name includes “Suede,” then suede should be featured.

• Air Jordan 5 sneakers that are supposed to have a “23” on the side should have a correct and proper “23” with a shadow.

• The tongue of an Air Jordan 5 pair should never be flat; it should be full of padding and very big.

• There should be some space between the top of the tongue and the Jumpan featured on it, rather than touching each other.


Jordan 6.

• Air Jordan 6 sneakers with a tongue not going past the top of the sneakers are a fake.

• Fake Air Jordan 6 pairs often have midsoles with the colors flipped on them, so the color blocking should be correct.

• Apart from the legit Air Jordan 6 pairs from the Defining Moments Package, other colorways are not supposed to have a Jumpman and a 23 on the back. If Nike Air is featured on the back, they should have the right font.

• The color of the lace locks should be correct.

• Air Jordan 6 sneakers with bubbles on the heel that are not fluffy but are too flat and unstable are fake.

• The lace cover should not be made of the wrong material and should not look horrible.

• The color of the airbag and Jumpman on the back should be correct.


Jordan 7.

• The heel of an Air Jordan 7 sneaker should have the correct number. If the sneaker is a Micro or Olympic colorway, then 23 should not be present.

• The shape of an Air Jordan 7 pair is easy to distinguish, and it should be right. However, since the shape varies from one year to another, it should match the shape of the colorway shown in official pictures. The tongue should be large and with the correct spacing.

• The sneakers should have tabs on the bottom, which should be pointed rather than round.

• Air Jordan 7 pairs with holes on the sides in the wrong places are fake.


Jordan 11.

• Fake Air Jordan 11 sneakers feature plastic rather than actual carbon fiber and the colorway is also not correct.

• The patent leather should have the right cut and little triangles should not be present on the edges since only fake pairs feature those triangles.

• The 23 should have the right spacing, i.e. it should not be pressed together. The ball on the Jumpman and the space between the 2 and 3 should be in line.

• "Jumpman Jordan" should be present on the tag on the tongue and the tag should be in the third space between the laces.

• The rope laces of legit Air Jordan 11 sneakers are always very thick, unlike normal round laces.


Air Jordan 11 Retro "Win Like '82"


It is clear that Jordan "Win Like '82" is the most popular shoe in the holidays this year. This pair of sneaker will be released in November 11th, 2017 for $220. If you spend more than 200 dollars to get a pair of Jordan 11 "72-10" as early as the release date, it must be fake.


Now, how to distinguish between Legit and fake "Win Like '82"?
We list some of the flaws of fake Jordan "Win Like '82".

1. Crown cap on back should be pointed.

2. Ball must line up with the 23.

3. Double stitched on toe cap.

4. If your toe cap is really smooth they're really fake.

5. And most importantly ,insole size should correspond to the size of the shoe.

6. Color of the bottom of the insole doesn't matter , as long as it's a neutral form of black or grey. Watch out and be safe.


Air Jordan 11 Retro "Win Like '96"



Do not forget that Air Jordan retro sneakers are never available under $100. In many cases, legit Air Jordans are limited releases and are sold out rapidly, so sellers rarely drop the price. Never buy fake Air Jordan sneakers, only settle for legit Air Jordans from an authentic website like

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